Martin Breeze is a visual artist and a singer/songwriter based in Melbourne. His art is bold and energetic, and his canvasses manifestations of flow and expression without rules and boundaries.

"My art is all abstract. I am fascinated by it because it affords me the opportunity to avoid trying to imitate the world around me or to focus on replicating any fixed objects," Martin said. "Life has so many boundaries, and restrictions and abstract art allows me to let go and see where [the flow] takes me. I am in love with not knowing what will become of the blank canvas!"

Martin has a background as a musician, but his search for 'letting go' and allowing creativity to completely take over, has led him to paint. He works with larger-scale acrylic canvasses that are expressive, energetic and very personal. While music for him has been bound by the chosen instruments, the tempo, the vocals and lyrics, visual art has offered a detachment from the confines.  

The influence of music is present in his art as a notion of movement and melodic flow. Just like everything else in Martin's art, the movement, the physical or the depiction of it, is not restricted, planned or really even a conscious, acknowledged part. It simply is.

"When I hear how other artists are inspired by the environment, for example, I do understand it but as harsh as it sounds, I am inspired by nothing. Personally, I avoid that direction and suggestion. I want to simply dive into the moment where my curiosity and fear collide," he said.

Martin thrives on the idea of being lost in the moment. But with the freedom comes the difficulty of letting go of the plan, the ambition and the ego. When the different parts of the personality, the spiritual and the artistic, collide, and the aspirations, needs and fundamentals aim to fulfil their purpose and meaning, that is where the challenge lies. While it has not been an easy process, practice and commitment have made it easier painting by painting, project by project.

 "Simply put, I think what I want to do is make a mess.  I define my success only by the magnitude of my endless failures.  Such freedom!  I don't start with a dot or a line; I can generally start with just about anything. It is movement and flow that starts, and I don't question it," Martin described. "It’s the dichotomy between being lost in the moment whilst doing something that challenges me at the very same time.  All while accepting my vulnerability and rejecting any preconceived ideas that I have."

"My artwork is not for everyone, but it is for someone. I paint primarily for myself, and I feel this gives it its authenticity. I do something that makes me smile at this moment."